Minnesota Vikings NFL Draft 2023...how did we do?

Kurt Haider
May 1, 2023

The 2023 NFL Draft is now history, with millions of people attending in person in Kansas City, watching on TV, and listening on the radio (here on The Bear!).

Here in Minnesota, the draft was carefully paid attention to by Vikings fans who were wondering if the team was going make any big moves fora future QB, and how they’d fortify a defense that disappointed and underachieved last season.

Imagine our surprise when the Vikings selected wide receiver Jordan Addison of Southern Cal at number 23. But this pick could be great. With Justin Jefferson as the deep threat, Addison adds enough speed to get downfield, but also runs tight medium and short routes to help keep defenses honest. A nice addition is Addison.

The defense did indeed get help with cornerback Mekhi Blackmon of Southern Cal at number 102, DB Jay Ward of LSU at number 134, and DT Jacquelin Roy of LSU at number 141.

Minnesota selected QB Jaren Hall of BYU at number 164 and RB DeWayne McBride of Alabama-Birmingham at number 222. Hall played well late in his college career, but does he have what it takes to eventually be a starter?McBride has fresh legs at a position where athletes age quickly.

One other player of note…OLB Andre Carter of Army. An excellent athlete from a school where professional sports ambitions are not a priority, Carter was given the opportunity to pursue his NFL dream while his Army commitment awaits. Knowing a handful of Army athletes personally, I know they’re in top shape and have a high level of commitment to assigned tasks. I hope he makes the team!

Full disclosure…my son is a West Point grad and played hockey there! Go Army…beat Navy!

Skol, y’all!

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